Structural Hardwood Posts / Beams / Trusses And Wharf / Jetty Timbers

We are by far New Zealand’s largest supplier of solid hardwood structural timbers and beams. Our capabilities include solid timbers up to 400 x 400 thick and up to 12.0m long whilst also offering custom fabrication solutions.

We have an abundant source of reclaimed and sustainable hardwood timbers available for any project whether it be for a commercial project or a residential pergola. We can literally provide you with any custom length / dimension your project requires. These beams also come with structural certification to a minimum of F27 up to F34. This certification is supplied your New Zealand based engineer who will use this structural rating in their calculations to work our spans / dimensions etc.

Timber trusses can be provided in a pre-manufactured form ready for re-assembling on site once they arrive in New Zealand whilst being made to the architect’s specifications. We also offer laminated beams if required to meet clients architectural needs.

Our hardwood timber is 5 times the bending strength of SG8 and nearly 3 times that of GL12!!

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