When considering pricing among various other timber claddings, our hardwood is highly competitive, especially when factoring in its low-maintenance attributes

Being the largest supplier of Australian Hardwood Cladding in New Zealand, you are spoilt for choice to find stunning low maintenance, durable reclaimed and sustainably sourced exterior cladding which tells a beautiful story. Milled from reclaimed telephone poles and other reclaimed timbers (mainly heartwood containing no nasty CCA treatments), the cladding is machined into various New Zealand building code compliant profiles. The unique nature of these timbers (40+ years durability) can allow for zero ongoing oiling/staining maintenance whilst naturally ageing on-site if so desired. We also sell cost effective class 2 hardwood options such as Silvertop Ash. You can of course continue to oil the timber if you wish to keep the natural colour of the hardwood.

PRICE GUARANTEE: We are confident that we are offering the best pricing available in New Zealand given our unrivalled access to key suppliers throughout Australia. Should you find the identical product somewhere else then please let us know and we will not only match but discount your cladding also.

Our standard profiles have 165mm, 115mm, 110mm, 90mm, 65mm and 55mm cover (22mm thick for sawn and 21mm thick for dressed) – this is for all of our vertical / horizontal shiplap and bevelback weatherboards. Whether you are after a dressed face or sawn face, all have a similar price per m2 so it makes things nice and simple when it comes to selecting your preferred hardwood cladding option.


  • Detailing and Specification for Council: We have invested considerable time and money into our hardwood cladding documentation including the pass™ summary. This enables councils throughout New Zealand to accept our hardwood cladding as an alternative solution without causing time delays and costly RFI’s.
  • Most Trusted and reputable supplier of hardwood cladding in New Zealand including a bespoke showroom and warehouse. Have a look at our reviews and ask for testimonials – we are not a backyard business doing this as a hobby with a fancy website.
  • Durability – our class 1 timbers have a 40+ year natural durability vs most other timber cladding options on the market which only have 15-40 years durability and come with strict maintenance regimes.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free – no need to keep oiling / staining once the cladding is installed like other timber products require. The only reason you need to oil / stain is to keep the colour.
  • Sustainable/Reclaimed – the timber comes from reclaimed power-poles providing a very sustainable resource (125-150 lineal metres can be milled from every pole).
  • Superior Performance – proven to perform exceptionally well in the harshest environments.
  • Suitable for Marine and sea spray zones – hardwood has been used for 100’s of years in marine environments and performs exceptionally well.
  • Sequester Carbon – our hardwoods contain virtually double if not triple the amount of sequester carbon over other timber claddings such as Cedar, Larch, Radiata Pine , Douglas Fir, Macrocarpa and all thermally modified timber cladding products.
  • Cost Effective – with the construction industry seeing a surge in various building products and in particular the likes of cedar cladding, we are extremely cost competitive so please get in touch to get a quote.

The cladding has been tested all over New Zealand from the top of north such as  Kati Kati right down to Invercargil in the South. We also have many architectural homes in one of the harshest environments in New Zealand – Castle Hill – high up in the Southern Alps 600m above sea level. Temperatures can reach 30 plus degrees in summer whilst reaching a chilly minus 8 degrees in winter. The performance of the timber is second to none and why it is now commonly used all over New Zealand and often a product of choice by Architects / Designers / Builders.

“Martin and the team at LMA Timber were super easy to work with, right from the time we picked up the sample of timber at the Home Show. All the appropriate drawings and specifications we needed for consenting were supplied, and we were kept up to date with shipping details. We are delighted with how the reclaimed Australian hardwood that we have chosen for our home, compliments the surrounding hues of our iconic Alpine landscape perfectly.

Our builders were very excited to work with this beautiful product, and their workmanship has  enhanced every aspect of it. The arrival of our reclaimed hardwood onsite, created quite a stir amongst the neighbouring building sites. Smoko was brought forward, and the tradies congregated, to assess and admire this amazing product, with just a hint of jealousy. The density of this timber has increased our home’s thermal capacity, an excellent bonus in our alpine environment.” – Carol and Warwick Ferrier – Castle Hill


“After meeting Martin from LMA Timber at the Christchurch Home show in 2018 and looking into reclaimed Australian hardwood cladding, we were never going to be using anything else. The look, durability, the fact that it is reclaimed timber and virtually maintenance-free had us completely sold on it. Now that it’s up, it looks spectacular and we have received many enquiries as to what this beautiful cladding is!”
Karl Kitchen, Senior Station Officer (Acting), Red Watch,Wigram Station.

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