What do the letters LMA stand for in LMA Timber?

LMA stands for Low Maintenance Architectural Timbers.
Initially, those letters stood for Lumbar Milled Architectural Timbers but at the end of the day, the majority of timbers we supply are low maintenance and architectural so it was the best natural fit for those letters!

What does sustainably sourced mean?

Sustainably sourced means we only cut down one tree from every 3 Hectares ensuring mass deforestation does not occur. When harvested from managed Australian/International forests this equates to 2 trees harvested every 5 years forever. Managed forests where older trees are harvested for wood production (carbon storage) sequester carbon at a faster rate than unmanaged forests.

“Responsibly sourced wood is beautiful, versatile and renewable and, by storing carbon, it also helps tackle climate change.” – Planet Ark

Where do the reclaimed/recycled timbers come from?

Australia has an abundance of reclaimed hardwood telephone poles (200,000 available each year), bridge beams, wharf beams and large inner city warehouses – wool stores. There are in excess of 300 buildings being demolished in NSW, GLD, VIC every week so timber stocks are plentiful!

Does your reclaimed telephone poles which your cladding is milled from contain any nasty treatments?

The answer is NO – they do not! Treatment on telephone poles affects the sapwood which is generally the first 5-10mm of the timber. This is cut away leaving the heartwood / truewood which our cladding is then milled / profiled from which contains zero treatment.

Why chose our hardwood cladding over the likes of Cedar?

Our hardwood cladding doesn’t require regular oiling or staining like Cedar does and is extremely durable for 40+ years.  The ongoing maintenance costs for the likes of Cedar will continue for its lifetime on the building at a cost of around $21 per square metre every two years.

How hard/dense is the timber compared to Cedar / Abodo?

On a hardness scale, Cedar is F9 where the likes of Iron Bark can be well over F34!

Will the supply of timber ever run out at it is reclaimed?

As mentioned above, there’s an abundance of reclaimed timber in Australia including 35,000 timber bridges which are being replaced year on year.

What types of hardwoods do you sell?

Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Tallow Wood, Grey and Red Iron Bark, Sydney Blue Gum amongst many others.

What does FSC/PEFC-AFS certified mean?

This is certified timber/wood specified ensuring the timber comes from a sustainable source.

What does class 1 hardwood actually mean?

Class 1 means the timber has a high service life (durability) of greater than 40 years.  Timbers such as Cedar are only Class 3 timbers with a moderate to poor service life of only 7-15 years.

How long does the timber take to mill from when it’s ordered and then ship from Brisbane to New Zealand?

Depending on what is ordered, decking, cladding, flooring takes around 6-8 weeks from order. Shipping takes around 7- 13 days and a couple of days to clear customs.

What payments do I need to make to secure my order?

We request a 30% deposit at the time of your order and the remaining 70% at the time of shipment from Brisbane to New Zealand. Photos of your order will be taken to confirm the milling has taken place before being loaded into the container.

What timber applications do you supply?

Cladding, Decking, Flooring, Big Structural Beams and Posts, Joinery, Landscaping Timbers, Commercial fit-outs and much more.

Are there colours I can choose?

Yes, you can for our reclaimed cladding although please remember that the timber is a natural product and colour variation will occur.  Colours range from grey/blue through to dark brown. All other timber applications will come in their natural timber colours and can be oiled/stained as required to achieve the look you prefer.

How does the timber get through customs in New Zealand as we have very strict controls on natural products?

Before the timber leaves Australia it is fumigated and kiln dried down to between 9 – 14% moisture.  When it arrives into New Zealand, MPI is then supplied with the Fumigation and Kiln Dried Certificates. They undertake a visual inspection of the timber along with a moisture test to confirm what the documentation states and the timber is then released. We have had countless containers go through this process so we are very efficient with our import systems and processes.

How old is the reclaimed timber?

The timber can be anywhere from 25 years old to 200 years old depending on what its former life was. All timber is graded however to ensure we are delivering a premium product in line with our customers’ expectations.

Is the timber cladding expensive compared to the likes of Cedar?

No is the honest answer. To initially buy the timber it might be around 6% more, but by the time you oil the timber and continue the maintenance over a number of years, our timber cladding works out to be considerably cheaper and a lot less hassle.

Does the timber meet NZ building code regulations?

All of our timbers meet New Zealand Building Code Regulations.

What about the carbon footprint of importing the timber from Australia to New Zealand?

As the timber comes by ship in a container with thousands of other containers, our carbon footprint is less than driving from Christchurch to Kaikoura! Timbers such as cedar have to travel all the way from North America so have a considerably greater carbon footprint.

What fixings do I need to use for cladding and decking options?

One option is Wurth Stainless Steel self-tapping screws – 50mm – 70mm. Annular nails can also be used where pre-drilling is required. Please request further details for fixings by emailing info@lmatimber.co.nz.

Is your timber cladding actually maintenance free?

From an oiling / staining perspective once the installation has been undertaken, yes, it is.  Being a class 1 timber with 40 years plus service life, this makes the timber very durable and thus, you can leave the timber to weather and silver off over time without affecting the durability of the product. We do recommend however to wash your cladding down at least once a year to avoid any dirt / grime build up.

Do I need to oil my hardwood decking and if so with what?

Our decking can come with an industrial coat that has been applied at the time of milling.  You can either let your decking silver off or apply two coats of Dulux’s Integrains Natures Oil.

Can I get selected lengths and if so what?

Yes, you can get selected lengths but this will incur a 10-15% surcharge just as you would with other timber cladding products. It can take up to 12 weeks to source when it is reclaimed timber. The selected lengths can be anything from 1.0m right up to 6.0m long.

What is the average length of the cladding I will receive?

The average length is approximately 2.7m or greater.  

What timber profiles do you supply?

We can literally supply any profile you wish as everything is milled to order.  From pencil edges to building code compliant cladding profiles we supply it all!