About Us

Hardwood timber solutions that don’t cost the earth. Please click here to view our new show at 66 Wickham Street, Bromley, Christchurch.

LMA Timber is passionate about sustainability and provides an alternative range of timber products for the construction industry. We work alongside some of the most reputable and experienced Australian Hardwood suppliers in Australia, all who have won numerous awards for their continued vision to deliver quality reclaimed and sustainable timber products including FSC and PEFC certified.

In October 2019, LMA Timber teamed up with the Caldwell Group who own ITM Dyers Road, VIP F&T, VIP Structural Steel to name a few. This expertise and unrivalled experience (40 years) provides the business with an established platform that strengthens our position in the market to provide the best possible value and service to our customers. We are considered to be the largest, most cost effective and trusted supplier of reclaimed and sustainably sourced Australian hardwoods in New Zealand.

Based in Christchurch, we are the only Australian hardwood supplier to have a purpose built showroom/office and warehouse facility carrying various stock items along with a showroom in Auckland shared with High Performer Building. It is a fantastic space where clients from all over New Zealand come to view our extensive timber options. where clients from all over New Zealand come to view our extensive timber options.

Our large selection of timbers are produced from milling old wharf / bridge beams, telephone power poles, warehousing timbers etc. The resulting products are unique because not only are they reclaimed, they are the hardest and most durable timbers in the world used for both interior and exterior finishes (Class 1 Timbers).

At the inception of LMA Timber, we recognised that with 62% of all land waste being from the construction industry, our hardwood timbers provided a solution that is sustainable whilst also ensuring a high-quality product. All of our timbers, both sustainably sourced (certified) and reclaimed meet New Zealand industry quality standards which are certified with both kiln dried and fumigation certificates.

“We believe we can all do our bit for the environment; and by repurposing timbers that are sometimes over 200 years old, this helps us to preserve and use one of nature’s most beautiful treasures.”

“We shouldn’t have to be changing the DNA structure of timber to make it fit for purpose or be cutting down swaths of tropical rainforests to meet our inspirational timber needs. Quite simply, LMA Timber is helping to preserve our environment for future generations whilst also delivering quality timber products to the construction industry.”