About LMA Timber

"Hardwood solutions that don’t cost the earth".

Passionate about sustainability, LMA Timber offers a superior selection of hardwood products tailored for the construction industry. We have collaborated carefully selected Australian Hardwood suppliers in Australia, all recipients of numerous awards for their commitment to delivering high-quality reclaimed and sustainable timber.

Established in 2017, our business originated from inspiration drawn from a Grand Designs episode featuring reclaimed Australian hardwood cladding. A subsequent investigation revealed that the main timber cladding options in New Zealand primarily consisted of high-maintenance softwoods (class 2 – 15 to 40 years naturally durable), such as cedar, larch, and thermally modified products. The discovered hardwood, distinguished by its superior performance, durability, low maintenance, and sustainable attributes, marked the beginning of our success story. Today, architects, designers, and builders widely regard it as their number one choice for not only cladding but structural beams, posts, decking, flooring amongst other hardwood products.

In October 2019 when LMA Timber joined forces with the Caldwell Group (AKA Trade Co), owners of ITM Dyers Road, VIP Frame and Truss amongst other businesses. With a combined experience of 40 years, this partnership enhances our market position, allowing us to provide unparalleled value and service to our customers. Regarded as being the largest and most trusted supplier of reclaimed / sustainably sourced Australian hardwoods, our reputation is firmly enforced by the prestigious projects we have been involved with around New Zealand

Our main warehouse along with purpose built showroom is based in Christchurch.  This allows us to carry large volumes of stock (particularly cladding and decking) so that we can meet your projects needs in a timely fashion. Our second purpose built showroom is currently under construction and will be opened towards the end of April 2024. Additionally, we share a showroom in Auckland with High Performer Building where a sample of our products can also be viewed.

“We are firm believers that each of us can contribute to environmental well-being of this planet. Repurposing timbers with some that have surpassed the century mark allows us to utilise and give new life to one of nature’s most exquisite resources.

Fundamentally, there should be no need to modify the DNA structure of timber or exhaust extensive tropical rainforests to fulfil our country’s timber needs. Fortunately, we discovered LMA Timber, a company committed to safeguarding the environment for future generations while delivering top-notch hardwood timber products to the construction industry. We express our gratitude to LMA Timber for not only furnishing us with a superior-performing product but for placing sustainability at the core of their endeavours.”

Testimonial from Philip and Sharon Matthews – Feb 2023

Purpose Built Showrooms

View our new showroom at 66 Wickham Street, Bromley, Christchurch.