We’re proud to work with reclaimed timbers

Did you know that there are 300 buildings demolished each week in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria alone? An average post-war hardwood house has one truckload of recyclable hardwood. In addition, 65% of Australia’s bridges are made of timber and there are 6,000,000 timber power poles in service. With the average life for a power pole of 30 yrs, there are 200,000 poles available for recycling each year.

By reclaiming and repurposing all of this timber, we save a valuable resource from being wasted and give it a new use for years to come

Currently, our exclusive reclaimed supplier Kennedy’s Timbers have 14 acres of power poles waiting to be used, with more being added daily. This means that you can have confidence that we can continue to supply reclaimed timbers.


Sustainably Sourced Hardwood Logs

Mixed Species

Sustainably Sourced Hardwood (New)

Sustainable forestry relates to how the timber is being harvested. In Australia, this equates to how many trees are harvested per land area over time. This ensures the longevity of the forest for generations to come. In managed forests where older trees are harvested for wood production (carbon storage), they sequester carbon at a faster rate than unmanaged forests. The certification ensures that the wood specified is sustainably sourced giving you peace of mind.

Sustainable timber refers to timber that has been harvested responsibly from well-managed forests that are continuously replenished and ensures that there is no damage to the surrounding environment, or to native flora and fauna.

Timber has a significantly lower embodied carbon footprint compared to other mainstream construction materials. This is due to the minimal processing required, even when accounting for the process of laminating (glulam or cross-laminated timber) which is generally required to create structural timber products.

If sustainably sourced, using timber can have an additional positive environmental impact because trees absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and lock it away as carbon, thus removing it from the atmosphere. This phenomenon is called sequestration and can essentially offset the processing and transportation energy associated with timber products. Therefore, timber can be considered a carbon-negative material.

We are honoured to collaborate with top-tier hardwood suppliers in Australia, such as Pentarch, Outlast, Nationwide Timbers, and Coff’s Hardwoods. Our partnerships with these mills guarantee our capacity to fulfil business requirements and, consequently, deliver the necessary products to our customers across New Zealand.

Whether it’s cladding, decking, or hardwood needed for a new wharf project, our adept sourcing enables us to maintain robust supply levels. Additionally, our expansive warehouse in Christchurch allows us to carry ample stock to meet the markets diverse demands.

Timber Species

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Mixed Browns / Reds – Dressed Finish

Mixed Pales / Browns and Reds - Dressed Finish