Vineyard Timbers

We supply New Zealand vineyards (such as Pernod Ricard Winemakers – Church Road) with NON-TREATED Class 1 (25 year in-ground durability – 40 years plus out of ground durability) hardwood timbers. These timbers are milled from heartwood (not sapwood) and are a mix of Tallowwood, Spotted Gum and Iron Bark.

These hardwood timbers are a superior alternative to chemically treated posts – particularly for organic growing vineyards. There has been a real move away from chemical posts, firstly because of leaching into the soil, but also because of the disposal of broken posts. Posts can get broken by mechanical harvesting, and because they are chemically treated they cannot be burnt or buried. Our non-treated hardwood means that at the end of the post / strainers lifecycle, timber above ground can be repurposed or used as firewood without any nasty off-gassing chemicals!

Typical strainer sizes are 150mm x 150mm and between 2.4 and 2.7 long. Posts and stays are typically 75mm x 75mm and also between 2.4m and 2.7m long. Custom sizing is also available – anything up to 400mm x 400mm and 11.8m long!

For more information about our non-treated, durable hardwood vineyard timbers, please call us on 021 398800 or email –