Timber Finishes

We provide a comprehensive range of timber finishes

Our timber finishes provide a perfectly tailored look and feel for your commercial or residential projects. Selecting the best finish to suit your project is essential, talk to our team today.

Aged Patina is perfect when harmony with the surrounding environment is important. Aged Patina provides an eco-friendly, low maintenance solution, resulting in a stunning look. Perfect for outdoor developments, beachside projects, architectural and feature timber designs. The natural weathered look is incredibly versatile.

smokey grey

The Smokey Grey finish provides an eco-friendly, low maintenance solution and results in a stunning aged look.  The timber can be lightly wire brushed to deepen the grain prior to being coated with our specialized grey eco coating solution. The coating adheres to the surface of the timber and the timber naturally weathers over time.

Sawn Finish sizes range from standard posts and beams, primarily featured in domestic construction, through to specifically requested sizes required for architectural purposes and commercial developments. Sawn Finish is popular for cladding along with commercial decking and flooring.

Sawtooth. The unique sawn face markings are from the original No1 saw bench made generations ago in a steam-operated bush sawmill, which is enhanced in balance with the naturally aged patina. A 180 grit final sand or wire brush adds the smooth finish to these character-filled unique historical timbers. Inspired by retail design fit-outs this product is finding a new home in both commercial and residential applications, each batch of timber is totally unique, with provenance and history.

Hand brushed uses a unique brushing technique that enhances the timber’s individual patina and natural characteristics. The finished smooth surface exposes the timber’s history and can be left to age naturally or have an oil coat applied. Hand brushed is one of our popular and enduring finishes.

Dressed. When precise sizing and a clean look is required, this is the optimal finish. The timber is profiled to tolerances according to Australian Standards AS 2796.1. producing a timber finish that is smooth to touch requiring little to no sanding.