At Hardwood by LMA Timber, we are proud to present our latest luxury Bach project in Okains Bay. The breathtaking view of the ocean makes this location the perfect choice for a tranquil getaway. The talented builders at JM Built have built a modern but contemporary designed structure utilising reclaimed cladding and decking, blending in perfectly with the stunning landscape.

The interior of the Bach is just as remarkable, boasting a smart modern design with exquisite fixtures and tiles. It’s the perfect balance of contemporary and classic style, exuding understated elegance and luxury. Our builder’s work on this project has been acknowledged with a New Home Award in the $500k – $750k category by the Master Builders in 2023.

The owners of this beautiful new home also had a real focus on sustainability whilst wanting a low maintenance solution thus choosing LMA Timbers reclaimed cladding and decking. Not only can they just leave this to silver off naturally but the hardwood has in some instances over double the amount of sequester carbon compared to other softwood / thermally modified timber products.

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